Chesapeake Bay

One of the best natural features in the region is the Chesapeake Bay and the accessibility to water, both fresh and salt.  If you’re a mermaid like myself, you cant wait to smell the salt air and get your feet in the sand. You might even crave the salty fresh catch out of Chesapeake waters.  I’ve spent many hours on the Hussy fishing vessel  (I know – great name, right?) launched out of Seaford, fishing for Summer Flounder mostly, but not exclusively.  I’ve developed recipes for fresh Bluefish (a Henning Family favorite!), Croaker, and various trout.  I have a keen taste for Striped Bass, Spanish Mackerel, and Red Drum.   Don’t expect me to pass on a Chesapeake-style Shrimp boil, steamed Blue Crab, or fresh Oyster feast.  Top it all off with some of the areas sweetest vineyard white wines, and you have award-winning table fare!

But back to fishing…  The latest trip I took aboard the Hussy was not the greatest catch.  The wind direction, wave periods, and water temperatures couldn’t have been more perfect, but the new moon really messed up the bite.  Still, I caught some great photo ops and the crew and I enjoyed a lovely day on the water. Besides, there is always next time….

IMG_1254              IMG_1261.jpg

Do you wish to live the Chesapeake life?  Perhaps a move to Hampton Roads, Williamsburg and the greater area, or Richmond is is your near future?  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, I’m happy to provide insight to the region.  Thank you for visiting my page!